What are people saying about Full Circle Dojang?

We strive to give our best during every class, here at Full Circle Dojang. Your satisfaction is our first priority. We thank all of our students and their families for sharing these testimonials.

The Fowler Family

Everyone who comes to this Dojang LOVES and enjoys every minute, whether it be a party or joining classes. We [tried] a different Dojang and it was nothing like Full Circle Dojang. Mr. Jackson teaches his students not only the art of Tae Kwon Do, but so much more and I would recommend Full Circle to anyone thinking of joining a martial arts academy; hands down this is the Dojang that will not disappoint.


Debbie Migneco

We truly believe that there is no one as inspirational as you are...You provide an addictive drive to get us to achieve our goals...Each of us have had the pleasure of receiving your coaching and mentoring skills and could not have achieved all that we have, if it wasn't for your ability to get us to recognize all that we are truly capable of. We do feel as though we are more than just students of yours...you have made such a huge impact in our lives and as such, you are a very special part of our family now! Be forever proud of all that you have worked for and all whom you have influenced so positively in such a short period of time! You are blessed with a special gift...never stop sharing that gift, for you put a powerful mark on this world that no one else can!


Jason Fichterv

Couldn't ask for a better place to send our son! He learns self control, respect for others, and the value of hard work and practice... amazing life lessons taught by amazing staff! Mr. Jackson is the best!


The Sutton Family

Thank you so much Master Jackson and the whole Full Circle Dojang Family for all that you have been doing for Zach the past three years. Your influence on him will leave such a positive, indelible mark on him for the rest of his life! We notice the values you instill extend to all parts of his life, including academics and how he treats others. We can honestly say his experience as your student is something that defines him.


Cynthia Woods

Thank you for making the leap to independence by opening your first Full Circle DoJang in Wanamassa. It has given me the opportunity to embrace my physical and mental capabilities at their full potential.


The DeMont Family

Thank you for all that you have done for our family...Jim is much happier and healthier than he has been in a long time, thanks to you and your staff. He has always been very dedicated to exercise, but has never seen results like he has with your program. Thank you for all you do...


Enno Derkson

Last year I had a desk job, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and hadn't worked out since I was 18 (I'm 44 now). I had chronic back and shoulder pains since my twenties and stress was affecting my stomach. The doctor told me I was developing an ulcer and also diagnosed me with asthma and early stages of emphysema. My brother-in-law had just died (at 40) and I decided I needed a change. My sons (7 and 9) were already Full Circle members and I decided to try out a family class, where the parents can workout together with the kids. I hadn't had so much fun in a long time! I signed up and pretty soon I was going to class 4-5 times a week. I actually quit smoking and martial arts has helped me two ways. 1) I can release my got-to-have-a-cigarette stress at the DoJang. 2) I want to become better at Tae Kwon Do, and you need to be in great shape or you won't last very long. The first few months I was exhausted 5 minutes into a class. I couldn't breathe, my muscles hurt, I was sweating hard... I'm still sweating hard, but after having done it for over a year now, I feel great. I reached the point where I can keep up with an entire class, which I'm very proud of, considering that the instructors push us very hard! I haven't caught up with some of the other adult students yet, but it's the best shape I've ever been in. I'm doing better than the doctor thought I would, since emphysema is not curable and after 33 years of smoking my lungs are damaged quite a bit. But every day I work out, I feel stronger and last longer and there's no end in sight! I've surpassed my own expectations by miles and I couldn't have done it without the instructors at Full Circle DoJang, who constantly push us to improve, not only physically but also mentally, and in new ways - so it's never boring. I still love taking the family class on Saturday morning with my sons. I love what Tae Kwon Do does for them. My oldest son is studying to become an instructor now! I love the family atmosphere at Full Circle. I love the instructors and fellow students and I'm proud to be one of them. I'm loving life! I never thought I could turn my life around, but I did it with the help of the people at Full Circle DoJang, and so can you! Stop by Saturday morning around 9:00 and come see us. I'm the tall, goofy looking one with the big smile on his face 🙂


The Cummins Family

Thank you for teaching Madison that TaeKwonDo is more than just moves, that it's a way to live life by being kind. You are a wonderful teacher and we all thank you for enriching our entire family's lives. Your patience and enthusiasm are phenomenal and contagious. We hope to be with you and your wonderful karate school for many years to come.


Liz Rogers and Midge Leys

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the time and effort you put into every class, especially the kids classes. We know teaching children can sometimes be an exercise in patience, but you always handle every situation like a true professional. You have the rare talent of being able to strike the right balance between creating an environment of high expectations and rigorous standards necessary for learning while also fostering a fun and inviting atmosphere that the kids really enjoy. The enthusiasm and dedication that you bring to each class is contagious. Our children have all benefited in so many ways; making new friends, becoming physically fit, setting goals for themselves, realizing the importance of practice, and learning the value of helping others through community service. The best part is that they look forward each week to attending classes at your karate school...In closing, we'd also like to extend our sincerest thanks in making your TaeKwonDo classes so positive and enjoyable for all of your students.


Sarah Sharp

Best martial arts school in the area! Master Charles Jackson and his team of Certified instructors are top notch with training. Master Jackson is not only a great instructor but a mentor to the children and young adults of Full Circle Dojang. My daughters have been attending classes there for 2 1/2 years now and just can't get enough. I myself have finally started going to classes. I would recommend the adult classes for anyone who loves martial arts or just wants to get in better shape. The best part of Full Circle Dojang is they treat you like FAMILY!!


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