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We are a traditional Taekwondo school with the philosophy that every student has the ability to achieve greatness, no matter what age you are!
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Full Circle Dojang opened in 2006. During the first few days 12 students enrolled. We tripled the number of students within the first three months and in less than a year, the Martial Arts school had a roster of more than 100 students. To us, that’s a good example of greatness with gratitude.

Today, the school is thriving with students of all ages, levels and walks of life. We are especially proud of the fact that many of the original students, now Black Belts, currently work as instructors here! Who knows…maybe someday you will too.

Our highly-skilled and caring instructors will encourage you and your family to reach for goals and to never give up as you travel through your own personal journey through life. It’s like one big FAMILY here so everyone is ready to help you however you need it…

Whether it’s showing you the proper techniques of kicking, punching and striking, correcting you with positive reinforcement, encouraging you to always do your best or a high five to celebrate a challenging move you just did really well.

Yes, learning something new can be challenging and difficult at times. Sometimes you may even feel like giving up but, if you truly want to have greatness in EVERY part of your life and stick with it, we guarantee that’s it’s a lot of fun and so rewarding!

Your life will never be the same with self-defense training – in so many POSITIVE and HEALTHY ways like…

  • Tremendous focus & longer attention span
  • Exceptional physical fitness and coordination
  • Super strong core & lean muscles
  • Mental strength, endurance and empowerment
  • Determined & unstoppable spirit
  • Always getting a full body workout that makes you feel good

How’s that for some AWESOME benefits of practicing tae kwon do? You’ll learn how to be bully-proof and how to spot potentially harmful situations so that you can safely walk away or say no to negative peer pressure. You’ll also be super confident and know exactly what to do if things do get bad.

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What does greatness look like to you? Maybe you want to get in shape, have lean, strong muscles, learn amazing self-defense skills, or have a positive outlet for your child to thrive in. We have FUN and EXCITING programs to suit everyone’s needs. Our focus is on your specific goals, greatness and success.

Your life is about to change in amazing and unexpected ways! We look forward to being part of your exciting journey to greatness – both on and off the mat!


Charles Jackson is a 5th Degree Black Belt and the proud Owner and Head Instructor at Full Circle Dojang. With his unlimited energy, patience and humor, Mr. Jackson possesses a natural talent for teaching. He has taught the key aspects of Martial Arts to children as young as three. He has been teaching for more than 20 years, during which time he has trained more than 75 students to reach their Black Belt status.

Mr. Jackson began his own Martial Arts journey in the early 1990’s. His dedication to the sport helped him overcome personal challenges at that time and today, continues to positively influence him in all aspects of life.

For two years, Mr. Jackson studied Shaolin Kempo Jiu-Jitsu. He then became interested in TaeKwonDo where he quickly moved up the ranks, achieving positions of authority. He obtained his Blue Collar status as a Blue Belt, his Red Collar as a Black Belt followed by Black Collar status before becoming Senior Certified as Director at Bryan Klein’s TaeKwonDo Academy.

He achieved his Third Degree Decided Black Belt in October 2007 by renowned Grand Master LeComte, a 7th degree Black Belt.

Mr. Jackson is a Neptune resident. Prior to discovering his passion in Martial Arts, he held various leadership positions within the community. He is a lifetime member of the Monmouth County Bowling Association and officiated in various Board positions, including President. He served as Assistant Scout Master for Troop 190 in Neptune for two years and then held the distinguished position of Scout Master for an additional two years.

Mr. Jackson’s personal motivation comes from knowing that he can touch the lives of his students in a very positive manner – contributing to their growth, personal victories and development of “yes, I can” attitudes. When kids leave his school with smiles on their faces, he knows that he’s made a difference in their lives that day and it doesn’t get any better than that!

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